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Our Cannabis Facility

3,000m2 Facility

Low Carbon

AI Controlled Conditions

Leading the way in innovation and technology.

We believe that cannabis has a significant role to play in the treatment of many chronic and acute medical conditions.

Our aim is to facilitate the acceptance of cannabis as a mainstream prescription medication – and we know that starts with the production of a regulated and consistently effective product.

Our state-of-the-art secure UK based facility has been designed and built to meet the highest pharmaceutical standards. Every aspect of our indoor hydroponic growing facility has been specified by leading experts in medical product production. In addition, our team includes recognised authorities specialising in the growing of cannabis plants.

From seed to harvest, each stage of production is carefully controlled and monitored by our innovative AI management system, overseen by our team of horticulturists. Every plant is grown in climate-controlled conditions to maintain optimal lighting, hydration and temperature evenly distributed throughout the full 3,000 square metre indoor growing facility. Regular sampling and testing ensures that we always maintain our rigorous targets for consistent potency and production levels of THC and other cannabinoids.

As well as overseeing growing conditions, our computer-controlled hydroponic environment ensures that positive pressure is maintained throughout our growing and drying rooms. Our team follows strict clinical practices at every stage in growing & processing

By keeping the entire production in-house including harvesting, drying and developing products, our customers in the medical industry are assured of the Dalgety quality.

Green and sustainable growth.

Dalgety are very proud to be the leading grower of cannabis in the UK. By sourcing pharma grade cannabis from Dalgety, our customers in pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, doctors, licenced medical clinics are supporting carbon neutral products grown using a carbon capturing process.

We are conscious of our environmental responsibilities to the UK and our planet. As such we have included rainwater capture and groundwater sourcing in our design. We have a comprehensive recycling process which minimises waste & natural resource usage.